Treating Shoulder Pain Near My Area

Shoulder physical therapy is necessary for patients with injured or painful shoulders. The best way to prevent a rotator cuff injury is to prevent an injury in the first place. Shoulder physical therapy helps to rehabilitate rotator cuff muscles and help prevent further damage to the rotator cuff. When shoulder pain is disrupting your life, the best orthopedic team can assist in preventing it by working with your doctor to design a treatment plan specifically for your condition.

Voted as one of the nation’s top-ranked orthopedic specialists by USA Today Magazine, Vistaprint, Inc., the Company offers advanced technologies and treatments for shoulder injuries and surgery. Qualified and experienced shoulder physical therapy specialists provide a variety of services to patients with various causes of shoulder pain. They specialize in hand-on therapy, exercise training, and other rehabilitative exercises that target specific muscles and soft tissues of the shoulder. Their patients benefit from a variety of minimally invasive techniques such as ultrasound, laser therapy, targeted nerve release, and deep tissue massage to stimulate bone growth and decrease soreness and stiffness.

Shoulder physical therapy is not only helpful in treating injuries; it is also necessary to prevent injuries from occurring. If you have recently been involved in a car accident or suffer from other shoulder injuries, you should consult with a shoulder rehab clinic to determine the best care plan for your situation. Shoulder physical therapy not only eases shoulder pain but also improves range of motion and joint stability, helping you prevent further injuries. Physical therapists are the leading authority when it comes to determining the proper rehabilitation protocol for a shoulder tear or other injury.

When shoulder muscles become fatigued, the motion becomes progressively limited and range of motion may be affected. A rotator cuff tear involves the inflammation of the tendons surrounding the shoulder blade. This is a very common condition in athletes and inactive adults. Shoulder physical therapy relieves the pain associated with this condition and prevents the rapid progression of motion to a greater loss of function. As strength and range of motion are restored through physical therapy, patients may resume normal daily activities and daily sports.

Shoulder physical therapy can be done in a variety of ways. You may be recommended a brace or splint to fasten the injured arm at first. These devices are often used to prevent excessive motion during daily activities. When your injury has stabilized, you can use therapeutic wraps and accessories to further restrict the movement and reduce pain and stiffness associated with the injury.

After successful treatment, most people find that they can move their arms and shoulders without any restrictions or pain. However, it is possible that a partial tear of the rotator cuff may require surgery to repair the joint. If you are at risk for shoulder bursitis, a visit to your doctor is recommended. This is an inflamed joint that can lead to serious complications if not treated properly. Surgery should only be used as a last resort when other methods of treatment have been attempted unsuccessfully.

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