3D Crystal Photo Gifts

3d crystal photo gifts have become very popular gifts for special occasions. Some of the more common uses are necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, cufflinks, pins, and more. Sometime during the Christmas season or for Valentine’s Day, a person will get in a bit of a bind when it comes to finding something special for their loved one to give as a gift. The market has so many wonderful choices and you can find almost anything that you need or want. There are some things to consider when purchasing a 3d crystal photo gift. Here are some answers to those questions that you may have and some tips about the type of photo gift you may want to purchase.

How old is the recipient? – This is a big question when looking at photos or anything else for that matter. When it comes to this type of gift it is also a matter of personalization and it’s important that you get the right person in the picture. Some older photos can be hard to work with and require too much work on your part to make them look like they are from the perfect crystal moment. A good rule to go by is if the photo came out of a recent event it is much easier to work with the crystal. If the photo came from a long time ago it may be more difficult but not impossible.

What is the preferred format of the photo? – There are various photo formats for 3d crystal including still shots, film negatives, transparencies, and others. You may want to check out different websites and see which format the photo is in and how easy it is to work with that format. Also take note of the dimensions and the quality of the crystal and see if the photo has that perfect look and feel. Remember the more crystal you use the more expensive it will be.

What accessories do I need? – You will definitely need to have some sort of lighting with a focus on the crystal. Make sure to have the photo on a flat surface so it is not wobbly or distorted and also make sure there is not too much light on the crystal. A lamp on a stand or a silver frame are perfect accessories to compliment any photo and really help the photo come to life.

Can’t find what kind of photo you are looking for? – Not to worry there are plenty of other options like stock photos and also regular pictures. The stock photo option is ideal if you need something relatively simple and basic. If you choose stock photos make sure they are high quality and free of scratches. This will definitely make a huge difference to the look of the crystal and will add some extra class to your gift.

Do you have a certain phrase or saying in mind? – Another great idea is to take something from your favorite movie and put it on a necklace. You can also add a crystal to the gift which makes it just that much more special because it is something that was made especially for you. It shows thought and care and makes the whole gift something that the recipient will always remember receiving.

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